Here are a few benefits you can expect from hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has so much to offer, even if only installed in a single room. You’ll enjoy outstanding visuals, impressive durability, and a lifespan that has few rivals. We want to tell you more about these floors, what you can expect from them, and how to get what you want from the product line, so read along with us here.

Take time to consider wood floors

Choosing hardwood floors means you may never have to shop for flooring again, as they carry lifespans that range from 30 to more than 100 years when professionally installed and regularly maintained. They are durable, easy to care for, and they are a reasonable choice for many rooms in your home. Solid wood is a perfect choice for most areas, but engineered products offer an impressive alternative for below-grade spaces. When it comes to visuals, few products can compare to the timeless elegance offered by hardwood flooring. It all starts with a species type that provides the grain patterns and the natural colors you prefer. From there, you can layer on visual options such as stain color, textured finish, format, and installation layout, to cater to your customized appearance requirements. For durability, it goes back to your species choice, as these are ranked from soft to hard, with harder species types working better in busy areas. You can also choose the perfect finish and sealant to add more layers of protection. Adding a few area rugs or runners in your most active spaces also works to keep traffic off the surface of your wood floors, so they will look and perform better longer.

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